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A brief history of terrorism

May 19, 2007 · 15 Comments · Terrorism

[slideshare id=51880&doc=terrorism-keynotess-22414&w=425]

What new points about terrorism did you learn from this keynote?


  • Sharon

    The new points I have learned from this keynote is that terrorism has existed for almost two thousand years and that it was not always seen as it is seen today. The origin of the word terror comes from the French revolution period during the ‘reign of terror’. Through out history there have also been instances of biological terrorism as well as bombings and normal violent acts eg. guns and swords.
    One extra point I learnt from this keynote is that terrorists often commit their acts to achieve political, religious or ideological goals.

  • Jarrod and Tim

    Terrorism keynote
    What new points about terrorism did I learn from the keynote?
    We learnt a lot about the history of terrorism and the definition of terrorism was expanded to include such things as the Walter Laqueur definition and the U.S. department of defence definition.
    We learnt about the early uses of biological terrorism in the Crimea and the roman uses of terrorism in the first century A.D. we also learnt that the main use of terrorism was to resist occupation. Biological terrorism was used in the Crimea to create fear and disease in a besieged city; this was also the beginning of the black plague in Europe.
    The two definitions that caught my eye were the Walter Laqueur definition and the U.S. department of defence definition. The Walter Laqueur definition states “Terrorism constitutes the illegitimate use of force to achieve a political when innocent people are targeted”

  • Alex Mac

    From this keynote i learnt, just how long terrorism has been around i didn’t know it was as early as 66-72AD, i als didn’t know that terror was used to resist occupation, i learnt about the 14th century Kaffa on the city on the crimean Peninsula.
    I didn’t know where term “terrorism” came from either one last thingi learnt about was the Asymmetric warfare, Where unexpected, unconventional tatics in combat are used.

  • Oscar

    - it had started in the early years of 66-72 A.D
    - terror was used to resist occupation
    - that it is biological warfare
    - it became promenent during the french revolution
    - in the 20th century terrorism became more promenent

  • Jack

    1) I learnt that terrorism dates back to as early as 66-72 AD.
    2) Terror was used to resist occupation.
    3)The term terrorism came from the french revolution.
    4) Anarchists were seen in the late 19th century as individual terrorists.

  • Jono & Alec

    ÿ Learnt the real meaning of terrorism by the various definitions
    ÿ How long the idea has been around for
    ÿ Examples of terrorism
    ÿ Why terrorism is applied
    ÿ Many forms of terrorism
    ÿ Where the term came from

  • Alex B

    I learnt a few things from this keynote. One thing I learnt was the FBI and US Department of Defense use the same definiton of terrorism, just reworded. I also learnt of how lon terrorism has been used as a weapon, including the Jews during Roman occupation and the Tarters. I was also unaware of the Argentinian disappearances, and the brutality of their imprisonment.

  • samo and brito

    Terrorism has been around for many thousands of years. Terrorism was used in 66ad to deter the Romans from Jewish land. The Jewish used terror to resits Roman occupation they did this by destroying Roman property and killing Roman soldiers. This was an early account of terrorism. Looking at this style of terrorism it is clear that terrorism’s roots span far deeper than the highly published 9-11 attacks on The U.S.A.

  • Harry 'history' Haydon

    From the above slideshow my knowledge of terrorism and the aspects involved has been broadened. The source has clearly defined the definition of terrorism to be and unlawful act of violence and intimidation towards governments/societies to achieve a particular goal. Also that terrorism has been around for centuries and has an extensive history-as early as 66-72 AD. The different types of terrorism have been defined for example state sponsored terrorism. The slideshow shows how diverse terrorism is as a whole. Also a number of past and modern examples are included to give insight into the mind of a terrorist. Conclusions can be drawn that terrorism is an ancient tactic and largely a means of communicating something to the intended audience.

  • Cam B

    From this slide I learnt various descriptions of the definition of terrorism. I also learnt some of terrorism’s early history, such as the Jewish resistance used terrorism against the Roman occupation as early as 66-72 A.D. I learnt various ways in which terrorism is used, such as biological warfare. Plus I have learnt about some of the more known terrorism acts of modern history.

  • Jessen O and harry - the smartest man alive

    Some of the new points i learned from this keynote was the history of terrorim, i wasnt aware that it dated back to the time of the Jewish resistance to Roman as early as 66 A.D. i also wasnt aware as to where the term “terrorism” came from, i really thought terrorism was a very new thing in modern history. I didnt even know the real definition of terrorim i just thought it was a bunch of guys dressed in military uniforms wearing ski mask on there heads, thios powerpoint really did make a difference on my views on terrorism.

  • Pascal

    I learned that:
    1. there is no general definition about terrorism
    2. terrorists have different goals to achieve
    3. the first terrorism acts were in 66 – 72 A.D.
    4. the word terror comes from the French word “terreur”

  • brent

    This keynote taught me the long history that terrorism has. I didn’t realise that terrorism went as far back as 66 AD in the time of roman soldiers. I knew that there was some history, but did not know that great extent that terrorism travels back in time. This shows that terrorism has always been around and it has been the improvement in technology that has escalated the ease of involvement in terrorism.

  • Aaron S

    the keynote presentation taught me all the different types of terrorism and all the different definitions of terroism. it also teaches me how long terrorism has been around for and that it has been around since 66 AD and has also taught me that we are not the cause of terrorism and that it started way before us.

  • Chris

    The main new points that I have learnt from the keynote is the long history of terrorism. Dating back as far as 66 AD where a Jewish resistance attacked and even killed some Roman soldiers because they were opposed to their way of occupation. This is similar to what is happening today, where a group of people are opposed to an idea or belief and they attack those responsible. Today, this would be referred to as a political act hoping to achieve a certain goal.

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